Frequently Asked Questions

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down arrow - click to toggleWhat is your service area?

Our service area is nationwide.

down arrow - click to toggleIs there a minimum amount of equipment we have to rent?

No, there is no minimum amount of equipment or catering items you have to book. We can provide one item or 100!

down arrow - click to toggleDo you have a set price list?

Each event has so many variables that affect the bottom line, making it impossible to have a set price list. However, our proposal turnaround time frame is 24 hours or less!

down arrow - click to toggleIf we already have vendors in place that we prefer for certain services, will you work with those vendors?

We are happy to provide whatever services you are in need of and would be happy to forge new relationships with other vendors.

down arrow - click to toggleHow much detail do you need before you can assist with the planning of my event?

As much as possible. The more information provided, the more assistance we can provide. However, if you are just getting started, we can most likely save you a great of deal of time by pointing you in the right direction from the beginning.

down arrow - click to toggleCan you handle all of the details of our event so we can work with one agency?

Yes, we can handle every detail of your event including design, implementation, management, delivery and wrap up.

down arrow - click to toggleWho handles permits, licensing, state notifications, etc.?

We do! We are familiar with each states requirements, timelines and expectations.

down arrow - click to toggleWhat about insurance, workmen's compensation and liability?

We carry 2 million dollars in general liability insurance and we also carry workmen's compensation insurance. We will be happy to work with your institution's requirements and exceed those expectations.

down arrow - click to toggleHow do I book an event?

Don't waste another minute, call one of our event managers today!

Should you have any further questions we have not covered here, please email us or call us at 803-358-9476.


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